What are the safety rules when using band saws

band saw guide

Safe for usingband saw is something that users need to consider if not want to damage equipment and labor accidents happen. Band saws are designed in accordance with the regulations of the accident prevention and national community. Improper use or tampering with safety equipment will reduce production capacity and the responsibility will belong to users. From that point,every user needs to keep in mind the rules of safety measures when using a bandsaw.

band saw guide

Advice for the operators

Band saw with protection levels for different parts, but sawmill operators also need to know to protect themselves under the mandatory provisions as follows:

– Check the voltage power lines and the similar with the voltage as the request of Sawmills engine. Remember to check the power supply and system ground wire, in addition to, connecting the power cable to the socket of the machine as well as the ground wire (yellow-green in color).


– Only the blade section used for cutting is not protected, the rest all have to be protected. Just use the machine if you wear a shielding.

– Remember to always disconnect the machine from the power socket before changing blades or carrying out any maintenance jobs, even in cases when the capacity of the machine is not as usual.

– Always equipsuitable eye protection. Never put your hands or your arms in the area while the machine is cutting operations.

– Do not change the parameters of the band saw while you are using it to cut (only allows speed changes).Not wearing loose clothing like shirts with sleeves that are too long, too big gloves, bracelets, necklaces or any other object may be stuck in the machine during operation. Keep your work area neat and airy with no miscellaneous items such as equipment, tool,so forth and so on.

– Perform only one operation at a time. Never have a number of instruments, objects in your hands at once. Make sure that your hands are clean as much as possible. All internal operations, maintenance or repair must be done in a well-lit area or in the positions whichhas enough light from an external source to avoid the risk of accidents. Replacing for new warning signs in casestheyare obscured or removed.


– Keep hands and other parts of the body away from the saw when the saw blade line is running. Do not open the blades while the machine is running. Do not store flammable materials near or around the band saw as well. Always wear safety glasses, keep the band saw in place at all times.

– Do not wear gloves and loose clothing in addition to confine long hair (if you have to cover again). Keep the work area clean and presentation of miscellaneous items.

Safety methods when using a bandsaw are seen as an indispensable element in the process of operation and cannot be ignored. Above are all essential rules about how to keep safety in working with a band saw, forget them not.

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