suction pool cleaner

The suction side pool cleaner: Choose Right them

The automatic pool cleaner is vacuum cleaner which help owner to collect debris and sediment in their pool. Suction pool cleaner is one of 3 types of automatic pool cleaners which is minimal human intervention. This is the first automatic pool cleaners. The hose connects from the suction cleaner to the skimmer box. After that, it use the suction from filtration pool system to suck the debris. To choose the best pool cleaner, you should find out your expectation as well as the advantage and disadvantage of suction side pool cleans.

suction pool cleaner

The advantage are cheaper than other types of automatic pool cleaners and easy to install. However, there are some disadvantages, such as high potentially pump damage if the skimmer box is filled up or if your pool is in the area with lots of trees and leaves, and high speeds of pool pump if you want the cleaner more effectively.  If the suction side pool cleaner meets your requirement, you should refer the best suction side pool cleaner review in this page.

Hayward Poolvergnuegen Pool Cleaner

The top of suction pool cleaner is Hayward Poolvergnuegen. It includes the self-adjustable vanes which is able to control any flow and allows passage of small to large debris. It equipped with tire treads and steering sequences – an internal program, which provide the management of wall-climbing and obstacle. Moreover, the adjustable roller skirt design optimizes the suction on rough surfaces. You can choose 2-wheel drive or 4-wheel drive. However, some users found that 2-wheel model is tilt, making the cleaner not able to pick up fine debris. Other complains are the marks as line which is caused by scratching from cleaner. This is good suction side pool more best robotic pool cleaner reviews

Baracuda G3

The new Baracuda G3 with an additional finned disc is useful for in-ground pool cleaning. The machine equipped with Flow Keeper Valve which automatically control water flow Best Pool Test Kits to ensure the maximum performance even lower horse power pump. To protect your pool against scratching, the cleaner includes the scuff-resistant. Moreover, a wheel deflector can reach every tight corners. In addition, the machine is able to adhere the pool surface and avoid getting stuck by using 36-Fin Disk. Baracuda G3 suction side pool cleaner operates quietly and its power work with low-speed pump but maximum efficiency cleaning. Therefore, the users are satisfied because of durable long-life and good working. However, the cleaners get stuck sometime on pool drains.

Hayward 900 Wanda the Whale Above-Ground Automatic Pool Cleaner

One of the necessary equipment for above ground pool is Hayward 900 Wanda the Whale. This pool cleaner is installed permanently above-ground pool. In this design, the unique turbine and gearing system control constant balanced water flow across the bottom of the pump and that keeps the pump working quiet. Moreover, the advanced contoured head leads the steering pattern to be able to complete quickly. Furthermore, a deluxe bumper ring makes the cleaner reduce friction and move away from pool walls. Other advantages of Wanda the Whale are to set up quickly, ease to use and work well. In addition, the smiling cartoon design is so cute. Therefore, Wanda the Whale is best choice for above-ground suction side pool cleaner.

Pentair GW9500 Kreepy In-ground Cleaner

One of the well-known automatic pool cleaner is Pentair. Pentair GW9500 Kreepy is high efficient suction side pool cleaners. This cleaner is fully automatic in-ground pool cleaner. It is able to clean everything in 15-inch path, such as gunite, fiberglass, vinyl or other specialty surface. Moreover, the unique turning mechanism help it escape from the difficult area. In addition, the spring-loaded cover at vacuum port door fitting provide the safety. The major advanced design is the combination of unique bristle drive and vortex to maximize pool cleaning. However, some users complained that the machine does not clean shallow end. Pentair GW9500 Kreepy is great pool cleaner.

 In conclusion, there are many pool cleaners in the market. The suction side cleaner is the good choice for your pool. If you interest in the suction side pool cleaner, you should know the advantage and disadvantage. That helps you choose the best suction side pool cleaner for you.

baby hunting


Buying sales products is now very popular even though you can afford to buy an expensive one. In terms of hunting for a baby swing of high quality, it is not too difficult but requires time and buyers’ patience. There is no doubt that you can deal with counterfeited products in the market but there are secrets to catch a best baby swing on a budget. In this article, to make it clear enough, I will give you tips and specific examples.

baby hunting

  1. Visit reliable websites

In many ways, you can know whether a website is trustworthy or not. To sell products, all manufacturers and sellers establish online page for promotion. Some pages work effectively with a lot of views but some others do not.

To whether you can put your trust in a baby swing site or not, please apply these instructions:

  • Search Google for related information about the web

First and foremost, you had better come to Google and search for the web name or link to know whether there is any suspicious rumor. If any, do not ignore it as it may be a trick of a competitor.

  • Check view numbers

The number of views on the website is also important. On a site about baby swing, you can see that viewers are mothers and fathers. If possible, you can get contact of some viewers and ask about the site and their products.

  • Read posts and comments

Swing website, of course, will advertise their products with features and prices. Have a look at the products (origin and function) then you can get more in comment boxes.

You may know how many customers order the products here, from which you can indicate the swing quality.

  • Read reviews

A website will have a corner for review of customers. This is the most significant thing for you to give appraisal to its quality.

  1. Website of a prestigious brand

Each website may promote baby swings for a certain brand or some. However, it is the best to come to the sponsored selling page of a prestigious brand if you see the brand’s fame and outstanding characteristics.

  1. Ask for upcoming sales campaign

Almost all buyers miss big sales campaigns as they lack of information then they often complain and regret. However, it is wise to ask for the admin of the page or ask for consultants of the sponsored sites for discounts. They will provide you the most exact information.

There are some sales campaigns as bellows that you may follow:

  • Big discount on an item: a discount of 10 percent can reduce some money on your target swing
  • Discounts and gifts: buying a baby swing, you will receive some accessories such as grids or a set of swing wheels
  • Pay one get two: paying money for one swing but you will receive two same swings.

In fact, some famous brands often have discounts and vouchers for their customers. On special occasions, you can find out heaps of attractive campaign. This is a chance for you to buy cheap swing but high quality.

  1. Discharge products

One easy way to get cheap baby swing of a reliable brand is to hunt their discharge campaign. If you do not require a special swing for your babies, you can wait until the end of the year to buy discharge products with very low prices.

As the manufacturers want to clean their stock for containing new – designed items so they have to release all their old styles.

However, their old products are not always bad in quality. Spending time and checking some items, you will certainly get a really good one.

  1. Old baby swings

It is sometimes ideal to search for an old baby swing. Internet and the popularity of social network allow people to post their used utensils and sell them at low prices.

You know that a baby swing can be used for a short time, except for large swings with flat seats on the grounds that when babies grow, the space is not large enough.

Therefore, instead of buying a new swing without any discount for your newborns, you can buy an old one which still can meet your demand. More specific, you will get some bellow benefits:

  • Pay less: of course, the price is remarkably low
  • Easy to negotiate: you can ask for trial and return if the baby swing is not as good as it is promoted
  • Babies grow up quickly (as in Feng Shui perception): Asian people believe that using old utensils of previous babies can make it easier to bring their babies up.

Hunting and buying a good cheap baby swing is also ideal for many families who do not have much money to afford an expensive one. Only by searching, you can find out many discount campaigns on the products you want to buy.

band saw guide

What are the safety rules when using band saws

Safe for usingband saw is something that users need to consider if not want to damage equipment and labor accidents happen. Band saws are designed in accordance with the regulations of the accident prevention and national community. Improper use or tampering with safety equipment will reduce production capacity and the responsibility will belong to users. From that point,every user needs to keep in mind the rules of safety measures when using a bandsaw.

band saw guide

Advice for the operators

Band saw with protection levels for different parts, but sawmill operators also need to know to protect themselves under the mandatory provisions as follows:

– Check the voltage power lines and the similar with the voltage as the request of Sawmills engine. Remember to check the power supply and system ground wire, in addition to, connecting the power cable to the socket of the machine as well as the ground wire (yellow-green in color).

– Only the blade section used for cutting is not protected, the rest all have to be protected. Just use the machine if you wear a shielding.

– Remember to always disconnect the machine from the power socket before changing blades or carrying out any maintenance jobs, even in cases when the capacity of the machine is not as usual.

– Always equipsuitable eye protection. Never put your hands or your arms in the area while the machine is cutting operations.

– Do not change the parameters of the band saw while you are using it to cut (only allows speed changes).Not wearing loose clothing like shirts with sleeves that are too long, too big gloves, bracelets, necklaces or any other object may be stuck in the machine during operation. Keep your work area neat and airy with no miscellaneous items such as equipment, tool,so forth and so on.

– Perform only one operation at a time. Never have a number of instruments, objects in your hands at once. Make sure that your hands are clean as much as possible. All internal operations, maintenance or repair must be done in a well-lit area or in the positions whichhas enough light from an external source to avoid the risk of accidents. Replacing for new warning signs in casestheyare obscured or removed.

– Keep hands and other parts of the body away from the saw when the saw blade line is running. Do not open the blades while the machine is running. Do not store flammable materials near or around the band saw as well. Always wear safety glasses, keep the band saw in place at all times.

– Do not wear gloves and loose clothing in addition to confine long hair (if you have to cover again). Keep the work area clean and presentation of miscellaneous items.

Safety methods when using a bandsaw are seen as an indispensable element in the process of operation and cannot be ignored. Above are all essential rules about how to keep safety in working with a band saw, forget them not.

miter saw guide


When you want to get the precise curves cut in any wood, then it is best to choose a band saw. A good quality saw can do also other jobs as well, not only curves. People can use it to cuttenons, smaller rabbets, ripping small woodpiece or doing resawing of thin strips from large wood piece.

miter saw guide

There are many types, options and sizes of band saw, you should know how to choose one right for your own.

1.    Types

There are standardly two types of band saws: floor-standing cabinet and shorter units which are used to mount on a bench top or dedicated stand.

The cabinet ones are usually used for professional purpose meanwhile; the smaller ones are common among home woodworker.

The models are accompanied with various features and bigger motors. They also have stronger frame leading to consistent cutting. It is not to say that it cannot get a good result with the bench-mounted band saw.

2.    Key features

There are two things as considering to purchase one band saw. They are the cut depth and its throat. The depth is measured by distance to the upper blade based on the table. Manufacturers also mention the buyers about the thickness of the stock suitable for your band saw. Some band saws, with six-inch depth, there is optional riser from six to twelve inches.

When resawing, there are some saws cheaper but can cut thick stocks. This distance from your table to the blade determines the cut width which is the result of the cut. The throat also extends from 12 to 14 inch on a cabinetstandingfree.

There are advertisings about band saw with 18 inch, this is the measurement of the throat is referred by the manufacturer.

3.    Motor size

The motor size is another consideration. Models for home woodworker are usually ¾ to 1 horsepower motor; meanwhile the professional models have larger capacity with different speeds. In fact, the various speed is not very important for woodworker compared to the maximum speed it may reach. There are harder materials such as metals or hard plastics, the max speedis more vital.

4.    Additional features

Band saw has a cast-iron, aluminum or steel alloy table to tilt up to 45 degrees. It is ideal for angled cuts. The table is usually equipped by a miter track which is 16 inches in length and width.

There are tires with cleaning brushes in band wheels so that your wheels are to be kept clean. There is also dust collection port to connect with your vacuum.

There are two other options you can consider to choose for band saw are miter gauge and a rip fence. These tools prove to be rather useful for ripping, resawing or cross cutting.

5.    Set up

When you set up your saw band, read carefully first the manufactuer’s instruction in the manual. There are many things to note. It is for your own safety and the efficiency of your machine for a right setup. Fail to follow the instructions, then its blade tension and blade guides should be set rightly. There are tips and guides for you to follow in order to keep your blade more durable.

There are safety tips and methods in the manual so that you can get yourself familiarized with band saw. In fact, band saw is considered the safest and most powerful tool in woodworking. Set it up properly and use it safely to get the most use of it.

Band saw is the tool perfect for making curves no matter the thickness of your wood board. It may come into various sizes so that you can choose from depending on your need. Whether you want a straight or rightly-curved cuts, get a blade to do this.

Finally, one thing to remind you that band saw comes into different sizes, they all have one common thing. They are difficult to store. The problem when they are not in use keeps bothering you especially for larger size. There is one solution for this and it is a bit tricky to know. I just want to summarize here that it is wise to make a few tries before folding band saw blades.